WG9s SeaMonkey 2.53 de Builds

NOTICE: Builds for the en-US locale are available at www.wg9s.com/comm-253/.

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[   ]seamonkey-2.53.20b1pre.de.mac.dmg2024-07-23 11:00 52MmacOS
[   ]seamonkey-2.53.20b1pre.de.win64.zip2024-07-22 14:17 59MWindows-64 ZIP
[   ]seamonkey-2.53.20b1pre.de.win64.installer.exe2024-07-22 14:17 44MWindows-64 Installer
[   ]seamonkey-2.53.20b1pre.de.win32.zip2024-07-22 14:17 56MWindows-32 ZIP
[   ]seamonkey-2.53.20b1pre.de.win32.installer.exe2024-07-22 14:17 42MWindows-32 Installer
[   ]seamonkey-2.53.20b1pre.de.linux-x86_64.tar.bz22024-07-23 11:00 56MLinux-64
[   ]seamonkey-2.53.20b1pre.de.linux-i686.tar.bz22024-07-22 14:17 56MLinux-32
[DIR]langpacks/2024-07-23 11:00 - Language Packs
[TXT]seamonkey-info.txt2024-07-22 14:17 889 Build Information

NOTICE: These builds are normally performed based on the state of the gitlab patch queue at 11:00 and 21:00 UTC each day.  Refer to seamonkey-info.txt for the exact gitlab patches and compiler versions used for these builds.

Current time on this server is Tuesday, 23-Jul-2024 14:10:59 UTC.

WARNING: The normal "back up your profile regularly and do not use the same profile for Nightly builds and release builds" warnings apply to these builds as well.  This bug documents the unresolved issues with this version.

IMPORTANT:The builds on this page are pre-release builds, for official release builds see Download & Releases at the SeaMonkey project website..

These builds are only performed if there are changes in the pending patches since the previous successful build.

These builds are based on:

A zip file containing the patch queues for all of the relevant Mercurial repositories is available here.

The readme-first.txt file contains detailed instructions on how to apply these patches.

There are currently no additional patches included in these builds.

The builds I provide here are what I build for my own personal use on platforms I personally use.  I do not have the time or resources to produce builds for other platforms.