WG9s SeaMonkey 2.53 Builds

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[   ]seamonkey-2.53.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz22018-10-19 16:00 54MLinux-64
[   ]seamonkey-2.53.en-US.win64.installer.exe2018-10-18 16:00 38MWindows-64 Installer
[   ]seamonkey-2.53.en-US.win64.zip2018-10-18 16:00 56MWindows-64 ZIP

Current local time on this server is Friday, 19-Oct-2018 23:24:54 EDT.

WARNING: These builds are no more stable than the official SeaMonkey Nightly builds.  Therefore, the normal "back up your profile regularly and do not use the same profile for Nightly builds and release builds" warnings apply to these builds as well.

IMPORTANT: While the official Linux builds only require glibc version 2.12 (libc-2.12.so) and stdcxx version 3.4.16 (libstdc++.so.6.0.16) or later, the Linux builds provided here require glibc version 2.25 (libc-2.25.so) and stdcxx version 3.4.22 (libstdc++.so.6.0.22) or later.

These builds are only performed if there are changes in the pending patches since the previous successful build.

The mozilla-release build included here is based on: https://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-release/rev/d4134557db7c
plus mozilla-release patches.  Some of the patches here are courtesy of the Waterfox project.

The comm-release build included here is based on: https://hg.mozilla.org/releases/comm-release/rev/47a22611c960
plus comm-release patches.

The following additional patches are included in these builds.

 No bugWG9sAllow Linux builds using current Linux build tools.

The above patches apply against the gecko repository embedded in the SeaMonkey build tree.

The builds I provide here are what I build for my own personal use on platforms I personally use.  I do not have the time or resources to produce builds for other platforms.  If you have comments or suggestions about these builds, please use this feedback form.