About me:

My name is Bill Gianopoulos. I live in Ashland Massachusetts, which is a small town about 25 miles west of Boston. The route of the Boston Marathon passes less than a block north of where I live.

Of course, being from this area, I am a five time Super Bowl Champion  New England Patriots,  Boston Red Sox and  Boston Bruins fan! I also am a big follower of  Formula 1TM Automobile racing.

I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, and also enjoy brewing beer at IncrediBREW in Nashua, NH.

In my spare time (whenever that is) I also do some Mozilla hacking, particularly in the area of trying to improve MathML support. I have also written a Firefox extension to permit FTP Uploads.

Also available on this site are some Linux, Windows and Android testing builds of Firefox that contain not yet landed patches which resolve various issues.