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[   ]seamonkey-2.53a1.en-US.win64.zip2017-06-25 06:18 54MWindows-64 ZIP
[   ]seamonkey-2.53a1.en-US.win64.installer.exe2017-06-25 06:17 37MWindows-64 Installer
[   ]seamonkey-2.53a1.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz22017-06-25 09:24 60MLinux-64

Current local time on this server is Sunday, 25-Jun-2017 18:17:12 EDT.

WARNING: These builds are no more stable than the official SeaMonkey Nightly builds.

These builds are essentially the same as the corresponding Official SeaMonkey Nightly Builds (about:buildconfig will reveal the corresponding changeset) with the exception of the inclusion of patches for some outstanding issues, including not yet landed fixes for some MathML issues, as well as bugs that I am currently working on or find particularly annoying.

Additional patches in these builds either resolve, or are work-in-progress patches on the road to resolving the following issues:

 Bug 969906MathMLImplement maction@tooltip using XBL

The above patches are included from Frédéric Wang's MozillaCentralPatches on GitHub.

 No bugWG9sModify about:buildconfig to document the patches included in my builds.
 No bugWG9sAllow Linux builds using latest release versions of fedora build tools.
 Bug 1374773Toolkit:
Build Config
SeaMonkey build gets "The following duplicated files are not allowed" because find-dupes.py mangles DOMi paths for multi-locales
 Bug 1375593Build ConfigThunderbird and SeaMonkey give error "No such file or directory ... ThirdPartyPaths.txt" when using "mach build"

The above patches (including the MathML ones) apply against the mozilla-central repository embedded in the comm-central build tree.

 No bugWG9sDifferentiate my builds from Official Builds. Use "SeaMonkey(WG9s)" as brandFullName, brandShortName and brandShorterName.

The builds I provide here are what I build for my own personal use on platforms I personally use.  I do not have the time or resources to produce builds for other platforms.  If you have comments or suggestions about these builds, please use this feedback form.