WG9s SeaMonkey Beta Builds

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[   ]seamonkey-2.57.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz22018-04-20 05:15 56MLinux-64
[   ]seamonkey-2.57.en-US.win64.installer.exe2018-04-18 07:16 39MWindows-64 Installer
[   ]seamonkey-2.57.en-US.win64.zip2018-04-18 07:16 58MWindows-64 ZIP

Current local time on this server is Friday, 20-Apr-2018 06:13:23 EDT.

WARNING: These builds are no more stable than the official SeaMonkey Nightly builds.  Therefore, the normal "back up your profile regularly and do not use the same profile for Nightly builds and release builds" warnings apply to these builds as well.

IMPORTANT: While the official Linux builds only require glibc version 2.12 (libc-2.12.so) and stdcxx version 3.4.16 (libstdc++.so.6.0.16) or later, the Linux builds provided here require glibc version 2.18 (libc-2.18.so) and stdcxx version 3.4.23 (libstdc++.so.6.0.23) or later.

These builds are performed at 12:30AM US/Pacific, but only if there are changes in the source.  Windows builds are only performed on even numbered days of the month.

Additional patches in these builds either resolve, or are work-in-progress patches on the road to resolving the following issues:

 No bugWG9sAllow Linux builds using fedora 27 build tools.

The above patches apply against the gecko repository embedded in the SeaMonkey build tree.

 Bug 1378089Seamonkey:
Bookmarks History
Replace the Bookmark Manager with the Firefox Library in SeaMonkey
 Bug 1439220Seamonkey:
Bookmarks History
Port Bug 1437040 "Remove synchronous Bookmarks::GetItemIndex" to SeaMonkey
 Bug 942937Seamonkey:
Bookmarks History
Deprecation warning "PlacesBackups.getMostRecent is deprecated and will be removed in a future version" in nsSuiteGlue.js (port bug 859695)
 Bug 1451081SeamonkeyMake viewing source work again in SeaMonkey after bug 1418403
 No BugSeamonkey:
Changing deprecated border attribute for classic theme
 Bug 1441668SeamonkeyeditMenuOverlay.xul removal

The builds I provide here are what I build for my own personal use on platforms I personally use.  I do not have the time or resources to produce builds for other platforms.  If you have comments or suggestions about these builds, please use this feedback form.